Homeless Services


In October of 2015, Williamsburg House of Mercy partnered with the Greater Williamsburg Outreach Mission (GWOM) to expand our day center for the homeless to include operation each day the center is open.  GWOM named this program the Harbor.  Their program has been very successful and we are grateful for their partnership! 

At the Harbor, the homeless are welcomed with a warm meal, a shower, and a place to enjoy a conversation with friends.  The GWOM churches have donated the food and supplies, and their dedicated volunteers cook and serve the meals, monitor the showers, and visit with the guests.  From October 2015-February 2016, the Harbor has welcomed more than 100 individual guests, with many repeat customers!

If you are interested in volunteering in the Harbor, contact Brenda Tamborini at btamborini@bedeva.org.  Training is provided for all positions!   

Homeless Coordination of Care: 

Assessment and Coordination of Care is the starting point for anyone who is homeless and in need of shelter, case management, and supportive services.  The ultimate goal of our homeless services program is to help clients achieve self-sufficiency and obtain permanent housing.

When a client presents as homeless or comes to the Harbor for the first time they meet with a House of Mercy client advocate to complete the intake process. The interview includes assessment questions to determine if additional services, such as healthcare, mental health services and substance dependence treatment are desired. Clients also receive information on the various housing services we provide, as well as regional shelter programs.  The process is client-driven and we are partners in their care.